Monday, February 2, 2015

Hole in the Snow

Today we didn't have school. I think it was because of the snow, because the temperature was fine, and there was no reason to not go to school, except maybe the snow, which I think shouldn't have stopped anyone from going to school, but this gave me an opportunity to play in the snow. It was the opportunity I had been waiting for since December, when we had a snow-less Christmas.

 My dad had been shoveling snow off the sidewalk last night for an hour or two, so that our sidewalk leading to the garage was clean, and clear, leaving a giant pile of snow on the grass.

Annya, Yung and I, set out to make an igloo, which Yung was imagining, and planning to make since December too. My dad had done half of the job already. All we needed to do was dig a big hole in the pile. Annya, Yung, and I always plan to do something super cool, but it never really happens, though. We always get our hopes so high, but they sink own and are always forgotten. This igloo though, I was sure it was going to work, and I was determined not to come back home busted.

First, we tried to dig the hole. We used a Halloween Trick-Or-Treating basket to big the snow out, It could only be used by one person, so I let Annya use it, but after a while it, we only made a dent in the pile of snow.  If dad can shovel up so much snow, I can at least dig a hole in it, I thought.

So I dived headfirst into the snow digging furiously. When I got out, I expected to see a nice, big, improvement of the hole we had made so far, but it was still the same as ever. Annya and Yung laughed at me, and my pants were caked with snow. I went home and changed. I also put a snowsuit on Yung, but he didn't go into the snow very much anyway, so I did.

This time I was even more determined, and I jumped into the not-so-deep hole and dug this way, and that and came back out with my pants caked in snow, and my hair too. The hole was same as ever. Annya and Yung laughed again. I was about to remind them that they weren't even putting in much effort, but I decided that I should change first.

Now I was nice and dry again, and ready to dig even more. I dug through the snow, as fast as I could and trying to go deeper and deeper. When I got out of my hole, my pants were powdered in white, the tip of my nose was dripping in melted snow and my jacket had snow falling off of it too. This is proof of some hard work! Now the igloo is finished! I thought triumphantly, and I turned to look at our igloo. It was only 1 inch deeper. I would have like to try some more, but the three of us were covered in snow and didn't make anything, except for a big pile of snow where my dad had shoveled snow off of yesterday. We went home leaving a mess on the sidewalk and on our winter coats, too.
 "Did you make anything?" My mom asked when we got back into the warm, cozy house.
"We made half an igloo," I replied.
"Just as I suspected," my mom said, not at all surprised.

Maybe we'll make something better next time.