Monday, March 16, 2015

The Dog and the Tennis Ball

Last Saturday, I found Annya and Yung, playing with my neighbor's small, fluffy, hyper, white, dog. I used to not like dogs, and the way they'd try to sniff you, and lick you. Somehow I think dogs are not so bad now, and the little white dog of the neighbor's was very cute. Annya had to keep hold of the leash, making sure that the dog didn't run loose. But I told her to let the dog lead which way to go, and to run at it's pace. Although sometimes it wanted to go somewhere we weren't allowed to go, so we had to pull the fluffy dog back.

Soon, I got tired of following Annya, Yung, and the dog around. We tried racing her, and tried to get it to fetch sticks, but she only ran around and sniffed the bushes, as if it were the only thing in the world to do. Then, I found a green tennis ball in the bush. I reached my hand in to pull it out and gave it to the dog. It picked it up in its mouth and ran to the grass and set it down in front of her. I took it back away and threw it, and she went after it and placed it back in front of her on the grass. We all took turns, throwing the ball, and letting her pick it up again with her mouth, and another neighbor, Annya and Yung's friend, came out to play too.

When he had gotten a turn to throw the ball too, I went inside to get water for the dog. I didn't want to use a bowl, because my dad probably wouldn't like us bringing it outside, so I grabbed a plastic lid of a Lego box, and filled it with lukewarm water. Then I carried it carefully outside for the dog to drink, and she lapped some water up, soaking the fur of her fluffy, white chin. She seemed to have thought the tennis ball was thirsty, or needed a bath, because she placed it in the red lid making the water a muddy brown, then, continued drinking the water. Annya was worried she would get sick, so I poured the water on the grass and filled the Lego box lid again, and the dog only put the dirty tennis ball back into the water. I tried to find a clean ball inside the house, an Yung lead me to it. This one was orange and neon the green. The dog played with both of them, until the balls were both dirty. When we threw it, the ball would spray water everywhere, and the dog went running after it. Sometimes the dog ran in circles around Annya tangling her up in a leash. Annya seemed to enjoy this very much.

After we had played for an hour or two with the dog, one of the owners said that it was time for her to eat. They took her back to the house. We weren't surprised, to see both owners take her back outside of the house to wash her feet though. The dog had played in the dirt I had poured water all over.

I had lots of fun playing with the dog, and Annya, Yung, and their friend seemed to have enjoyed it too.