Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Wish I Had a Pet

I wish I had a pet                                                                        Something must be wrong with           
I really, really do                                                                         him
but my mom says “No pets allowed!”                                        he doesn't move a bit
and my dad says “no pets”, too                                                 Maybe he is hurt
                                                                                                  so I get the first aid kit
“Please, please, please, please, please!” I beg
“It doesn’t have to be big,”                        
“How about a snake or frog?                                                     I prod him with a stick
Why not get a pig?”                                                                    I take him to the vet
                                                                                                  I throw him out the window
One day I found a beetle                                                           and yell, “You’re not a very
and I held him in my hand                                                          good pet!”
I put on a determined face and exclaimed                         
“I’ll make them understand!”
“I’ll introduce you to my mom and dad” I tell the beetle
I’m sure that they will like you,”
you can be my new pet,
and I’ll be your friend too!”

“Since you are living with me now,
You’ll probably need a bed,
How about a pillow in this
tiny plastic bag?”
In the early morning
I hear the alarm clock’s call
and tried waking up my new pet beetle
but he doesn’t move at all

Then I wonder why
my beetle is upside down
His legs are all folded up
and he seems to wear a frown